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It’s for you.
It’s for your family.
It’s for your relationship with Hashem.

Yeshiva Students

In the formative years of yeshiva and high school, it is essential that we provide our next generation with the tools they need to successfully navigate life ahead. 

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8th Grade

Early teens is an age when our children’s internal moral compass is developing an independent outlook. Our 8th-grade Yesodos curriculum offers 3 powerful units about the halachic and hashkafic foundations of honesty and integrity.

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Chassonim & Kallos

In the most important milestone of a young man or woman’s life, a young couple’s marriage is a transition to a new reality, each learning to care not just for themselves, but for their spouse and children as well. Every future decision begins to take into account how it affects a new family, and Project 432 provides the tools to make every decision one that can be made with confidence.

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A workplace is the nexus of Torah ethics and modern commerce. Whether employed to sort paperwork or as a CEO of a Fortune 500, we all consider multitudes of laws and Halachos for every task we do. That’s why we must learn to have the peace of mind that every action we take, every dealing we encounter, is above board and legitimate.

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