Yeshiva Students

In the formative years of yeshiva and high school, it is essential that we provide our next generation with the tools they need to successfully navigate life ahead. 

Project 432’s shiurim klalim and high school workshops begin the conversation and help students develop an inspired and healthy perspective on financial and legal matters from both a halachic and hashkafic lens.

As Klal Yisroel’s upcoming generation, it is the ideals of our youth that secure our nation’s future and the continued growth of Yiddishkeit.

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Our Presentations Cover:

 The importance of striving for the highest ethical ideal from a Torah perspective

The ethical challenges individuals face when navigating financial and legal matters, and how to overcome those challenges

Real-life cases from the Aleph Institute demonstrating the heartbreaking consequences of getting entangled with the law

An exploration of everyday scenarios in the lives of students where basic legal awareness is key

Project 432 has presented at diverse yeshivos and schools, including:

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