8th Grade

We were often challenged by educators; how can we strengthen the foundations of tzedek and yosher in our talmidim?

Living in a world where our children are increasingly exposed to messages that are incongruent with Yiddishkeit, the role our mechanchim play in transmitting Torah values is extremely vital.
Early teens is an age when our children’s internal moral compass is developing an independent outlook and an opportunity to introduce these topics.

Our 8th-grade Yesodos curriculum offers 3 powerful units about the halachic and hashkafic foundations of honesty and integrity.

Major Themes of Yesodos

Who is the real winner?

To develop an inner resolve to always be truthful and honest even when it means we won’t be the first or best and might even (seem to) lose.

Should I always follow my friends?

To use our inner Yashrus and Emunah to always be honest. Overcoming rationalizations, excuses, and peer pressure.

You call that stealing?

To be aware of how to be honest according to Torah. Ignorance is not an excuse. Just because something is widely practiced doesn’t prove it is right.

For Yeshivas

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